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About Bongaon

Bangaon is a beautiful and progressive city in the Indian city of West Bengal. Administrative wise it functions as a municipality under North 24 Paraganas district. Bongaon city serves as the block headquarter of Bongaon subdivision. The city belongs to Presidency Division. It is based on the eastern side at a distance of 59 kms to Barasat which serves as the district headquarters of North 24 Paraganas. The significance of Bongaon city lies in its geographical position which shares the International border with the neighboring country Bangladesh. It is a sensitive place and it remains under constant monitoring and protection from the Army forces to protect the border area and to restrict forcible migration from the other country. The border on the Bongaon side is named as Petrapole whereas on Bangladesh side it is named as Benapole.

About Bangaon

History of Bongaon

Bongaon being the bordering city has experienced a lot of bloodshed and difficult times at the time of partition. Especially during the Indo Pakistan war of 1965 it was a major place of turmoil. However scenario changed with the formation of Bangladesh in 1971, though still there are constant supervision required to restrict from unnecessary infiltration. Another prominent factor of Bongaon is that it facilitated the passage of goods train from Bangladesh to the state. The railway route in the former East Bengal was established in 1884 and till 1947 there were passage of both goods and passenger through this railway service. After 1947, the services continued but in a disrupted way till 1965. After the creation of Bangladesh it continued for two years and again stopped due of lack of goods and to strengthen security measures. However the Government has again decided to introduce the services of goods train to facilitate passage of goods between two countries.

Geography of Bongaon

The exact meridian of Bongaon city is located at 23.07°North Latitude and 88.82°East Longitude. The average height of the area is not more than 7 meters or 22 feet from the sea level. The total land area covered by the municipal limits is 14274 sqkm. The bordering cities of Bongaon includes Gaighata block on the southern side, Bagda block in the north, Haringhata towards western side and Swarupnagar on the east. .It is the last station on the Sealdah – Bongaon railway route. The major river in this land is the Icchamati River which passes through Bongaon and the two major bridges Rakhaldas Setu and Ray Bridge covers the city from the two extreme ends. There are three types of land present in the city which comprises of high, medium and low lands and its existence can be stated in the ration 17:44:39 respectively.

Climate of Bongaon

The climate of Bongaon is typically tropical in nature with hot summers and cool winters. Summers stretches from the months of March to May where the hottest month is May and temperature at that time hovers around 43°C max. From June to September it is the monsoon season which is characterized with huge rainfall which counts to be 1579 mm annually. June is the month with highest rainfall amounting to 475 mm. Humidity in summer remains around 50% but in July it is recorded at 94%. October is majorly the autumn season followed by Winter in December and January and Spring in February. The coldest month is the month of January where the average temperature hovers around to a minimum of 9°C. The best climate in Bongaon is majorly from October to February leaving the summer and monsoon season which are clearly unsuitable for sightseeing and roaming around for its extreme climatic conditions.

Population of Bongaon

As of census 2011, the population of Bongaon is marked at a total of 110668 individuals of which 56416 are male individuals and 54252 are female individuals. The total child population ranging between age 0-6 years is 8452 which forms a total of 7.64% of the total Bongaon population. Of these 4387 are boys whereas 4065 children are girls. The sex ratio of Bongaon is 962 females per 1000 male whereas the child ratio stands at 927 girls per 1000 boys. The literacy rate of Bongaon is quite impressive at 90.25 percent which is quite higher to the national average of 59.5%. The total count of literates in Bongaon is 92,253 of which 48,799 are male individuals and 43,454 are female literates. This way the male literates stands at a total of 93.79% and females at 86.58%. The local language of the people of Bongaon is Bengali but most of the natives are aware of Hindi and English languages too. However the ascent of Bengali spoken here is little different and matches the ascent of the Bengali spoken in Bangladesh mainly for its nearness as well as for the migrated individuals from the neighboring country.

Tourist Attractions in Bongaon

Bongaon is not a prominent tourist location but one can always enjoy the beautiful culture , warmth of the people here amalgamated with the scenic beauty of River Ichamati forming an ox bow lake form encircling the beautiful city of Bongaon. There are religious places also which forms a great attraction for the people of Bongaon as well as the nearby towns and villages. There is Battala Shiv Mandir and Debgarh Kali Mandir which are prominent religious locations here where festivals are celebrated in a different way.

Bongaon Tourism
Parmadan Deer Park

Apart from this one can also visit Parmadan Deer Park which is based at a distance of 24 kms away from Bongaon city. It is a beautiful sanctuary stretched for an area of 92 hectares. There’s availability of all kinds of entertainment options like zoo, children park etc. It is in fact a wonderful location to spend a weekend holiday or a single day visit. According to the localities this park is based close to the home of the famous Bengal writer Bibhutibhusan Bandopadhyay and that is why this park is often named as Bibhutibhusan Wildlife Sanctuary. There are more than 400 deer living in this sanctuary.

Distance from Bongaon: 24 kms
Travel time by car: 41 minutes

How to Reach ?

For Parmadan Deer Park one needs to reach to Bongaon railway station and from there take a rickshaw to Matganj bus stand. Several buses are available that goes through Naldugri bus stand from where it is just 3 km to the park

Where to Stay ?

There is a tourist bunglow of the forest department with all modern facilities and amenities for a perfect stay for few days. The bunglow is clean and quite hygienic accommodation. The room charges are also not more that Rs 600. However there are not many rooms available so one must book beforehand to get assured booking.

Division Officer, Champadali Divisional Forest Office
Barasat, North 24 Parganas.
Phone: 033 25520968

Apart from this the nearby tourist locations from Bongaon includes Barrackpore, Adyapeth Temple, Chakladham, Dhakhineshwar , Sukhacara and many others.

Hotels in Bongaon

Since it is not a tourist destination one can found only limited number of accommodation facility in the city. There is a hotel and few Lodge based in the city which provides good accommodation facility with all kinds and amenities for perfect stay.

Hotel Pantha Nibash
Address: No 1 Rail Gate Road
P O –Bongaon Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9002347933, 9733087623

Maa Santoshi Lodge
Address: Bagdha Road
P O –Bongaon Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9732547545

Mayer Ashirbad Lodge
Address: Jessore Road
P O + PS Bongaon Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 03215 257711

Administration in Bongaon

Bongaon Municipality established on 27th January, 1954, is responsible to look after the area and to meet up with the basic needs and facilities of the location. There are 22 wards under Bongaon Municipality where election occurs after every 5 years. The total number of houses or families in the area is 26,327 of which 14, 831 are BPL families with a total BPL population of 72,155. The municipality remains in charge of all the basic necessities to make the society a more habitable one. Electricity, clean drinking water, Public health, Road construction, street lights, cleanliness, sanitation, waste disposal, hygiene maintenance, keeping of records related to birth and death in the city, tax collection and many other works comes under the responsibility of Municipality office here.

Bongaon Municipality
Contact Person: Smt Jyotsna Addhya
Address: Bongaon School Road, P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 953215-255021, 953215 257641
Fax: 953215 257641

Culture of Bongaon

Profile of Bongaon
Culture of Bongaon

Bengali culture dominated over the custom and costumes of this region. Though the city has a mixed population with people from all religion like Muslim , Sikh, Hindu and Buddhists but the majority is of Hindu Bengalis leaving here. Women prefer to wear the traditional Bengali sarees whereas men are found in Dhoti Kurtas or Lungi kurta. Cotton is the most preferred fabric here specially to deal with the scorching heat during the summers. Since there are a lot of backward classes of people or BPL families leaving here, availability of pucca houses are less in compared to ‘kaccha’ mud houses based here. Festivals are the main source of entertainment here. The major festivals in this city are the Durga Puja, Kali Puja, Shivratri, Laxmi Puja, Saraswati Puja, Dolyatra Ramnabami, Jagadhatri Puja and others. During the festival times the city gets decorated with lights and decorative pandals to celebrate the religious occasions. People dressed up with new clothes do pandle hoping or visit temples during the festival days. Various popular songs are played in the pandals for entertainment. It is stated that Bongaon host the second largest Durga Puja Festival in the state after the capital city Kolkata.

Food in Bongaon

Bongaon is a city which is mainly occupied with Bengali cultured people who are basically an avid lover of delicious cuisine. The availability of food here is majorly Bengali cuisine along with few restaurants having North Indian, South Indian and Chinese cuisine. The locals of Bongaon prefer the staple food of Bengalis, rice and fish curry prepared with mustard oil and mustard paste. Due to close vicinity to Bangladesh, the cuisine here is also inspired by Bangladeshi cuisine. Sweet dishes like “Kachagolla”are famous in the whole state of Bongaon. Even rasogolla, Chamcham, malai payesh, rasomalai are some of the preferred and mouthwatering sweet dishes available in Bongaon city.

Roy Mistanna Bhander
Address: Bongaon Road P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9593181538

Bakreswary Mistanna Bhander
Address: Chakdha Road, P O –Bongaon
Near Gopalnagar Bazaar
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9732447378

Ghosh Mistanna Bhander
Address: Bagdha Road P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9434565787

KP Sweets
Address: Main Road, P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9333887070

Lashkar Sweets Shop
Address: Bongaon Court Road,
P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9732807514

Healthcare Infrastructure in Bongaon

Bongaon city is facilitated with excellent health infrastructure facility arranged by the health department. There is one Government aided sub divisional hospital here named as Dr. J. R. Dhar Sub Divisional Hospital. The hospital has at present 200 beds and more than 30 experienced doctors which cater to the medical needs of the area. The staff of the hospital is well trained and there are arrangements for treatments of various critical medical situations. However extreme critical cases are not dealt here and are referred to major government hospitals in Kolkata. There are facility of cheap treatment or free treatment for BPL card holders in this hospital.

Healthcare in Bongaon

Apart from the Government hospital there are around five private nursing homes too in the area which caters to the medical requirements of the city and other nearby locations. The cost of treatment here is much higher in compared to the Government hospital treatment but one can assure to have good treatment facility, good and experienced doctors and proper care during treatment.

Bongaon Sub Divisional Hospital
Address: Bongaon, Chakdha Road, P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 03215 255073

Bongaon Nursing Home
Address: Amlapara, P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9932327186, 9333247189

Jebondip Nursing Home
Address: Angrali Bazaar, Angrali, P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 03215 232002

Madhab Medical Complex
Address: Chakdaha Road, P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 03215 255858, 9126401245

Puman Nursing Home
Address: Ratepare More, Chakdaha Road, P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 03215 255516, 9434055517

Central Jadavpur Training Society
Address: Bongaon School Road,
Near Bongaon Municipality Office, P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 03215 241903, 9434243991

Western View Nursing Home
Address: Charaktala P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 03215 258967

Dhaka Ayurvedic Pharmacy
Address: Bongaon Jessore Road
Behind Allahabad Bank P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal – 743235
Phone: 9332420025

Jyotishi Ayurvedic Chikitsalaya
Address: Bongaon School Road,
Near Bongaon Municipality Office, P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9733984940

Pathology Labs in Bongaon

Today with the growth and progress of medical science, doctors no more prefers to undergo any sort of medical treatment without the aid of proper laboratory test of the ailment. So Pathological Labs have a huge importance in medical treatment, as it may be referred as a backbone of correct and good treatment. In Bongaon, there are some of the best pathological labs with an excellent reputation of serving the natives for years. Some of these labs are listed below for reference.

S R L Religare
Address: Bongaon School Road,
Near Bongaon Municipality Office, P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9333721419

Reliance Sarkar and Diagonistic Center
Address: Chakdaha Road, P O –Bongaon
Near Kalimandir More
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9332151299

Bharat Clinical Laboratory
Address: Chakdaha Road, P O –Bongaon
Near Motigunj Bazaar
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9332411015, 9434566027

Kalpataru Clinical Lab
Address: Lakda Road, P O –Bongaon
Near Rate Tara More
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 8926207955

Rahaman Pathological Centre
Address: Near Municipality Office, P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9332171840

Address: Near Moti Bazaar, P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9734680288

Apart from this there are reputed medical shops too in the area which are another integral part of excellent health infrastructure. Also there is availability of medical treatment through alternate medicine like Ayurvedic or Homeopathic treatment which has gained huge popularity in the recent years. People prefer this sort of medicine because of its trustworthiness for years and also since it has capability of curing some of the chronic diseases affecting people.

Economy of Bongaon

The economy of Bongaon is dependent on both agriculture and industries based here. Big scale industries are not based in Bongaon but there are some small scale industries along with service base companies based in this location. The companies based here mainly deals with engineering goods, jute & jute diversified products, plastic based items, foods and beverages, cotton textiles, tobacco, hosiery and garments, leather products, wood products, rubber and plastic products, metal products, chemical products, machinery and others.

Economy of Bongaon

Agriculture in Bongaon is majorly focused on production of paddy crops of various kinds. Aus, aman and Boro, the three major kinds of rice are cultivated here. Among this also Boro rice is cultivated in larger area throughout Bongaon and the production is also the highest. The cultivated crops are kept in sufficient quantities for self consumption while the rest is sold in market or exported to other districts and states. Apart from this Jute, wheat, Khesari, Potato, Musur, Maskalai, Gram, Til, Linseed and Mustard are also cultivated in the lands of Bongaon. Horticulture crops including fruits and vegetables are grown here in sufficient quantity for both self consumption and selling the surplus.

Livestock business is another mode of earning in Bongaon. High quality Cattles and Buffaloes along with goats and pigs are some of major animals kept for this business. Poultry farming is also quite popular mode of earning in thei region. Apart from all this another budding business in this location is the fishery business which has grown a lot in the last few years. The district administration takes keen interest in promoting the industry the reason why there is training centers to educate the fisherman regarding best practices in this business. In Bongaon there are arrangements for government help with money and other aid in this business.

Lifestyle in Bongaon

Bongaon is a city which is only 77 kms away from the capital city Kolkata of the state. Though the lifestyle maintained here cannot be compared with any metro cities but the city has a trend of accepting the modern values and ethics and the benefit of technology in present day which makes the natives of Bongaon at par with many progressive cities. The people of Bongaon are well aware of the benefits of healthy living and that is why there is a huge demand for fitness centers, health clubs where one can enroll for a perfect health and fitness regime. In the city though the demand is rising there are few options on the same. Apart from local gym areas there is only one health club present in the city. It has modern equipment, high skilled trainers as well as reasonable schemes to suit interested individuals.

Health Club and Multigym
Address: Near Railway station P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal – 743235
Phone: 9474803106, 9153386751

Apart from this there are exclusive Beauty parlors which follows the latest grooming and therapy procedures to facilitate the people in regards to personal grooming, hair styling, skin treatment, spa therapy and many others.

Paramount Beauty Parlor
Address: Jessore Road, Near Bongaon Railway Station
P O -Bongaon Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal – 743235
Phone: 9732895678

Saya Ladies beauty Parlor
Address: Chakdaha Road, P O -Bongaon
Near Motigunj Bazaar
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9933429931

Disani Beauty Parlor
Address: Bichalihata Road, P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9734491325

Dolphin Beauty Parlor
Address: School Market, Bongaon School Road
P O –Bongaon Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal – 743235
Phone: 9434116206

Monalisa Beauty Parlor
Address: Chakdaha Road, P O -Bongaon
Near High School Gate
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9332193089

Mou Beauty Parlor
Address: Jessore Road, Near Allahabad Bank
P O -Bongaon Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal – 743235
Phone: 9196603739

Society in Bongaon

Social welfare issues have always been a pressing problem in every habitable society. Society means people of different standards and of different caliber. It is important to uplift the backward classes, solve their problems and help them lead a healthy life parallel with the rest of the society. This grave task is mostly taken over by various NGO and social welfare organizations so that the unfortunate people get a chance to compete. In Bongaon this wise task is done by some of the NGO based in the city in matters related to women empowerment, child labor, education of the poor, help for senior citizen and many others.

Socail welfare in Bongaon

Bongaon Dishari Sharojgar Gosthi
Address: Chakdaha Road, P O -Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 03215 259030, 9333534323

Bongaon Loknath Rural Development And Welfare Society
Address: C/O Arghya Malya Sikde, Thakurpally
P O –Bongaon Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9735155022

Nara Narayan Sevashram
Address: Bagdah, P O –Bongaon
Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 03215 263211

Evershine Welfare Society
Address: Bongaon Bata,
P O –Bongaon Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 9475946830

Charuigachi Light House Society
Address: Vill Charuigachi, Po Boaldaha,
P O –Bongaon Dist - North 24 Parganas, West Bengal - 743235
Phone: 03215 236528

Transport in Bongaon

The transport of Bongaon is extremely good. There are availability of all kinds of conveyance which helps in growth and prosperity of the area. Bongaon Bus stand connects the city with excellent bus services including private and government buses from Bongaon to almost all nearby locations. In fact there are regular bus services at an interval of 2 hrs from the capital city Kolkata, Esplanade Bus Stand to Bongaon where the last bus leaves at 10 pm. There are deluxe buses, Volvo buses which also travel from Bongaon to many prominent neighboring cities.

Transport in Bongaon

The best and the most convenient mode of traveling for Bongaon is undoubtedly the railways. The Bongaon railway Junction is the nearest railway station to the city at a distance of 1 km. The station connects the Sealdah Bongaon line and the Ranaghat Bongaon line. It was way back in 1882-1884 that the Central Railway company established the route from Dum Dum to Khulna which is presently in neighboring country Bangladesh through Bongaon and another line from Ranaghat. Today trains travel in this station but only till Bongaon cause of land and border issues beyond that. The station later became a part of Eastern Bengal Railway in 1903. There are several trains running through this station at present connecting many nearby stations like Sealdah, Ranaghat, Dumdum, Gopalnagar, Habra, Chakdaha and many others.

Bangaon Railway Junction
Location: Station Road, Bangaon, West Bengal, India
Owned by: Indian Railways
Operated by: Eastern Railway
Line(s): Sealdah-Bangaon line
Ranaghat-Bangaon line
Station code: BNJ
Division(s): Sealdah

By Airways the nearest airport to Bongaon is Netaji Subhas Chandra International airport. Based at a distance of 66 km from the heart of the city, this airport has both domestic and International terminal connecting flights from several parts of the country as well as the world. The distance to airport can be covered by bus services to Dum Dum or Esplanade or take a private taxi to reach the airport. One can also travel by train to reach airport via Dumdum railway station. Apart from this there is also Satberiya Railway station at a distance of 4 kms from Bongaon which equally connects many nearby stations.

Car rental services are also popular here so to travel one can always book in the local car hire companies and reap the benefit of comfortable travelling.In a nutshell it can be stated that Bongaon is one of the fast growing cities of West Bengal with potentiality to excel in various field with correct opportunities.

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